Home Fire Safety Bundle

Home Fire Safety Bundle includes:
  • 1 x 3 Kg Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • 3 x Residential 10 yr Battery Life Worry Free Smoke Detector
  • 3 x Smoke Detector Easy Magnetic Mounting Kit
  • FREE* Training for use of Portable Fire Extinguisher

As featured on Channel 8, don't let your home become part of the statistics; get the right fire safety equipment to protect your family and assets from harm.

* Free Training available for up to 2 pax. Our Customer Service officer will contact you after your purchase to arrange for the free training session.

Home Fire Safety Bundle

Residential 10 Years Lithium Battery Operated Smoke Detector

Sensor Type: Photoelectric
Alarm Sound: 85 dB @ 3m
Power Supply: DC 3V trthium Battery (Included)
Battery trfe: 10 years
Current Consumption during Alarm: Less than 10mA
Size: Dia 109 x 38(H)mm
Weight: 322g

3kg Portable Fire Extinguisher

Capacity: 3 Kg
Extinguishing Medium: ABC 40% Dry Chemical Powder
Propellant Gas: Nitrogen
Fire Rating: 13A/55B/C
Design Pressure: 14 Bar
Design Temperature: -20 degC to 60 degC
Hose Length: NA
Size: Dia 115 x 470(H)mm
Overall Weight: 4.97 Kg
More Information
Brand & Model FE: ActiveFire (Combat), C-3ASE; Smoke Detector: X Sense SD10F