Fire Safety Awareness For Kids

Program objective: To educate kids on the potential danger of fire through a bedroom demonstration and steps to prevent injury and remove themselves to safety.
Program duration: One (1) hour

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Note: Our customer service will get in touch with you via email or mobile on your preferred available slots. There is no minimum number of children required for this event however it would be more fun if you are able to gather a few companion.

Fire Safety Awareness For Kids
Course Contents
  • Educate kids on the potential danger of fire through a bedroom demonstration:
  • Kids will be able to recognise correctly the sound of home smoke alarm
  • Kids will know what to do when there is a fire in the bedroom (house)
  • Kids will know how to escape to the nearest safe place where the parents are (or main door)
  • Kids have fun with laser fire extinguisher to put out fire on a LED screen
    The group is split into two groups. One group remain at bedroom to experience putting out a fire using a laser fire extinguisher)
  •  Photo session with kids in Fireman outfit and have fun with water fire extinguishers
    (The 2nd group with rotates with the 1st group after photo session)
  • Re-group and re-cap with the kids what they have learned.

(Refreshment will be served and each kid will be given a photo with them in fireman outfit. A take-away home activity sheet with parents on escape plan)


1 hour