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Fire Blanket- Hard

Fire Blanket- Hard

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Key Features

  • Simple to understand user guide on pack.
  • Hard case for durability.
  • Manufactured from heavyweight cloth.
  • Suitable for commercial kitchen areas, welding areas and workshops with flammable liquid risks



Blanket Size

1m x 1m

Packing Size

330(H) x 210(W) x 30(T)mm

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Fire Blanket FAQ

A fire blanket is used to put out small fires, like those that start in the kitchen. It's a simple and effective tool for fire safety.

A fire blanket is a tool used to extinguish small fires. It works by cutting off the oxygen supply, which is one of the three elements needed for a fire to occur (along with fuel and heat).

Active Fire’s fire blanket is the most efficient way to isolate and extinguish small fires, kitchen fires and vehicle fires by removing the oxygen supply. It can help to quickly contain and extinguish flames, smoke, and toxic fumes.

If you can't reach a fire extinguisher in time, you can throw a fire blanket over the fire to put it out quickly. It's also a useful tool for the elderly or children who may not be able to use a fire extinguisher. The fire blanket can also be used to cover a person to escape or protect from fire.

If the item is damaged or has defects, it can be returned or exchanged within 30 days.